Simone Biles is Unbeatable. Let’s Celebrate it.

We hear it time and time again, detailed in lengthy articles and mentioned in mid-meet live Tweets. The claim that women’s gymnastics is no longer an exciting sport to watch, thanks to the overwhelming dominance of Simone Biles. If we know who will win before the first routine even starts, what’s the point of watching… Continue reading Simone Biles is Unbeatable. Let’s Celebrate it.


2018 US Gymnastics Championships: What’s Next?

Kara Eaker competing on floor exercise on day two of Championships. Photo by John Cheng Another US Gymnastics Championships has come and gone. Simone Biles claimed her fifth all-around title in six years, along with gold medals on all four events. Morgan Hurd and Riley McCusker rounded out the top three in the all-around, and… Continue reading 2018 US Gymnastics Championships: What’s Next?